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About Us
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About Us
We live in the world of colour. For a long time human beings are trying to duplicate natural colour for appreciation and practical needs. Today, synthetic pigments are widely used to provide colour for various industries and consumer products, the capability of developing, producing and using pigments has had a significant impact on a nation's economy.

China's pigment output has become world number one, however, high performance pigments only generate less than 1% of the total output. Compared to production capability, there is a lot to be improved in the areas of product management, quality assurance and marketing.

Verdcol is founded at such background by young professionals in partnership with private fund from Chinese pigment manufacturing industry. With our knowledge, experience, and network in the market, we strive to become an expert of product development and management, quality assurance and global marketing for high performance pigments made in China, and constantly explore new business opportunities in the value-added chain.

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